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About the Artist 

Ellen Cobb

South Carolina artist, Ellen Cobb, knew from a young age that all she ever wanted to be was an artist. She feels most herself with a brush in hand and a project underway. 

      It is hard to pin point a preferred type of medium, acrylic is where it all started and is in her comfort zone, but Ellen wants to master all mediums and subject matter. 

   While, dogs, houses and food are the subjects you will notice Ellen focusing on the most these days, Ellen is open to painting just about anything.

    " I don't fit in a box when it comes to art. I am inspired by everything and could never sit still just painting the same subject matter, with the same medium each project. I know that is how mastery is made and organization is achieved, I envy those types of artists, but if I had to pick, I couldn't. Therefore, if asked what I do paintings of and what my favorite medium is, my answer is everything." 


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